About Me

Samantha SteinbringI’m Samantha Steinbring. (But you can call me Sam.) I’m a high energy, driven, and aspiring young professional. At the ripe age of 8 years old, I employed my creative problem solving skills to develop a solution to a problem we all face from time to time: boredom. The solution? An innovative board game (as my childhood friends would say, “think Chutes and Ladders meets Risk meets Scrabble”). Okay, they may exaggerate a bit, but the fact remains that creative problem solving has run in my blood since before I can remember.

I knew going into college I had love and talent for writing, and that I wanted to study something dynamic. I had a thirst for creativity, innovation, and communication. It wasn’t until I took my first advertising course (on a whim) that I realized the advertising industry embodies all that I love and hunger for.

Fast forward 6 years, and I am now a (lightly) seasoned SEO professional with a passion for solving difficult online marketing challenges and getting involved in the Minneapolis advertising community. I’ve gone to battle against both Panda and Penguin (and came out victorious), have led the SEO strategy for the launch of a new brand, coordinated cross-functional teams to launch new microsites, managed the implementation of SEO updates in conjunction with a major ecommerce platform upgrade, executed technical and on-page SEO audits, and much more. I have also served as an Ad 2 board member for the last 4 years, most recently as director of the 17th annual Student Advertising Summit and currently as Co-Chair of the Women’s Leadership Panel.